Choosing a Colour Scheme for your Space

We’ve all learnt the immense value of living in a space you love over the past year. For some, the extra time spent at home has accelerated renovation plans with DIY at the helm. Being your own interior designer can be daunting, so we’ve put together a few thoughts on how to start beautifying your space – starting with choosing a colour scheme.


Identify the boldest pattern or artwork in your space. It might be a rug, a painting, a series of printed scatter cushions or a statement wall. Pick out two to three main colours and use these as the basis for your room’s colour palette. Use one dark colour, one lighter colour and a neutral shade as a starting point. Take note of the distribution of each one within the pattern and bear this ratio in mind when you’re building the room’s furniture selection.


Colour values are important to bear in mind. A dark colour can bring balance to a gallery wall, tying art prints and framed photos together. As a rule of thumb, arrange your furniture and decor items from dark to light, vertically. The inside of your home should mimic the arrangement of colour you see in the outdoors. The earth is generally darkest at our feet and lightest above, creating a feeling of spaciousness. Replicate this indoors. 


We all love natural light, but some spaces are darker than others. Brighten up a darker space with lighter colours and ample additional lighting. A little goes a long way as far as lamplight is concerned. Incandescent bulbs (lit by heat) create a warm white glow while fluorescent light (created by gas) produces a colder light. Consider how this will interact with the colours on your walls and furniture and remember that white is a reflective colour, easily impacted by the bigger surrounding surfaces.

Colour has a powerful influence on atmosphere. Pay attention to how a palette makes you feel before committing to it. The goal is always to create a haven where you’ll be eager to kick off your shoes and pour yourself a glass of something lovely at the end of a long day. Life is too short not to love your living space!

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