Frames on Wallpaper – Faux Pas or a Match Made in Heaven?

The short answer is, it depends. Haphazardly placed prints and photographs can make a room feel chaotic and disorderly, but a careful arrangement of personal pieces can add a sense of home to your space.

Although a patterned wall stands alone beautifully, we’re all for personalising a space with the items that are unique to your tastes. If you choose to clad a wall in a bold print, you don’t have to forgo having your favourite fine art prints and beloved photos in your space. In fact, we think this adds a gorgeous sense of detail to a room, with that elegant, unique feel. However, it’s essential to put some careful consideration into which pieces you choose and how you arrange them.

Colour Palette

An eclectic combination of photos and prints that reflect your personality is a big win. Allow your space to appear styled and ultra easy on the eye by choosing a selection of colours that matches your wallpaper. Complementary colours make your pieces pop, while adjacent colours are a lot more subtle.


Lay out your frames on the ground to get a sense for what they’ll look like once they’ve all been placed. This is far more effective than placing them one at a time, and allows you to tweak and change the order before you’ve hammered any nails onto the wall. Lay brown paper on the wall and trace the shape of each frame before taping the cut-outs to the wall and nailing through the relevant spots. This is a quick and effective way to get the placement right the first time. If your place has a dado rail, that’s even better as you’ll be able to protect the structure of your walls from any semi-permanent damage. If not, consider installing one to mitigate the impact of adding frames to your space.

Build a space that you can be proud of. A space that feels like you. We’d love to help.

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