It’s January 2021!

It’s a new year and a fresh start!

Welcome to January 2021, the start of a brand new year, fresh with possibility and seasoned with dreams. January is much like the introduction chapter to a scintillating new book, and allows us to consider what the following chapters for the year – or our story – will be. So relax, take a breath and ease into it and let’s start to plan and enjoy the narrative!

With Christmas and New Year’s Day still bubbling in our minds and hearts, we can draw inspiration from friends, family and travels we may have encountered. At Wallpaper Inn we enjoyed a short break and are rejuvenated and excited for the new year ahead and what it holds.

From promoting our new Cape Town store, to the launch of 2 new ranges later this year, exciting competitions and collaborations – there is so much in the mix, so be sure to watch this space!

Wallpaper is on the top of everyone’s bucket-lists this month, as we are embracing the power that wallpaper has to change the look and feel of a space. No longer a permanent feature with walls clad in the same dressing year in and year out, the availability and absolute sparkle of choice available with wallpaper is empowering people to change their spaces as often as they want too.

This season’s trending colours include summer splashes of watermelon, citrus pastels, sunshine yellows, icy whites and tranquil blues. Spread tranquillity around your space with an array of leafy patterns and embellish with plants, mirrors and glassware to give that finished look.

Neutrals alleviate the sultry summertime! And we have a beautiful selection of beige, taupe

concrete and stony options. Browse some of our timeless textures, patterns and prints here. Browse our ranges.

Bathrooms and kitchens are also setting the stage for wallpaper to shine. With an assortment of tropical, floral and geometric patterns, dazzle your guests (and your family) with delight! Browse some of our bestsellers!

With lockdown now more than ever it is important to be happy in our spaces, whether that’s for work or for living, and good décor and dressing makes a world of difference.

A beautiful space is a happy place!

We are excited to see what the new year brings and invite you to journey with us as each embrace the luxury that is living. Welcome 2021!

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