Making a Haven for your Little One this Winter

A parents, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring magic into every area of our children’s lives. With the cooler months rolling in, we’re all spending a little extra time indoors. While you turn your home into a haven, don’t forget the youngest members of the family! A little goes a long way as far as bringing magical details into your child’s bedroom is concerned. Why not start with the walls?

Whether you’re expecting an infant or helping your tween to find their voice as they come more into their identity, we know you care about the finer details of your child’s living space. We’ve done a little research into the impact of different colours on the feel of a space to make the legwork of refreshing their space a little lighter for you. Read on for some insight into the impact of colour on a space and head to our online store to spoil your children to something special.


Peace, balance and a subtle background for colourful bits and bobs, grey is a timeless choice for your child’s bedroom walls. Even the most imaginative prints are soft on the eye in grey. Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of an infant or refreshing your pre-teen’s den, you can’t go wrong with grey.


Fairytales and fantasy awaken creativity and freedom in childhood development. Navy blue is the perfect canvas to develop an inventive space in which your little one can grow and learn in. Sloths and space ships, sharks and moons, the sky’s the limit when it comes to navy blue! 


Full of promise and potential, childhood is such a hopeful time. According to psychology, the colour pink signifies hope. Why not adorn your little adventurer’s walls with a splash of warmth, calm and uncomplicated happiness? Personally, we can’t get enough of the colour pink. 

Happy childhood memories are a cornerstone in adult psychological happiness and health. As a parent, you have the chance to bring colour and joy into every aspect of your little one’s life. Let us help you make your home into a haven for every member of the family, big and small! Watch this space for all of the beautiful wallpapers pictured above. We are excited to stock a brand new range of kids wallpapers this winter.

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