Making an Interior Design Moodboard

Dreaming is a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem

Every change starts with imagination. Is it time to reinvent your living space? Here’s how to get started. Creating an interior design mood board will give you a sense of the look and feel you want to create in your home. Even if your plans to renovate aren’t imminent, gathering ideas in advance can help you to pin down exactly what you want well in advance. A mood board can help you to consider different ideas, pick a colour scheme and establish which textures and patterns would be best suited to your tastes and the room in question.

Step One: Create a Digital Moodboard
Start a Pinterest board and collect visual elements that embody what you want the room to feel like. Collect photos of nature in the colour palette and texture that you’d like to see in your space. Peruse art and design profiles to gain clarity as far as print and style are concerned. Something as simple as a photograph of the sea can be a strong starting point.Head over to Canva once you are ready to pin down some more specific elements. Their moodboard feature has a range of user-friendly templates on offer that will help you to take the process a step further. You’re starting to move from concept to real-life, so include images of fabric, art pieces or paint swatches you’ve seen beyond your screen.

Step Two: Develop a Physical Moodboard
Moving from theory to practice means including swatches, wallpaper samples and found decor items in your real-life moodboard. Do this on a plain tray, arranging and rearranging your selection of items until it best represents your vision for the space you’re decorating.

Purpose – first things first, prioritize practical items for the room in question. For example, a tropical print wallpaper pairs well with imitation marble and brass accents – your moodboard will help you bear these in mind when you’re choosing lighting, coffee tables and seating.

Pizzazz – some items are purely aesthetic. Don’t be afraid of patterns on patterns! Decor items with subtle prints can add a fun finish to a room with bold signature walls. Metallics and pastels make for a playful combination, while natural textured elements can bring a muted palette to life.

Reimagine your space mindfully to facilitate comfort and conversation as we head into the cooler months. Home should be a haven and with the wide range of decor items and styles available in 2021, it’s easy to turn it into one yourself. We’ve got a Wallpaper style to suit every taste.

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