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  • Bahia Marble Mono/Gold is a handcrafted marble design with a smooth finish that will add an elegant and clean look to any room it touches.

    Bahia Marble Mono Gold Wallpaper

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  • Carrara Mable is a veined marble creation in layers of charcoal and silvery grey. It is superb and adds vibrancy and lustre to any room.

    Carrara Marble Charcoal Wallpaper

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  • The Glitter Marble Tile Wallpaper willAdd a stylish, contemporary touch to your kitchen or bathroom with this textured marble tile wallpaper, shown here in creamy white with sparkling sprinkles of glitter.

    Glitter Marble Tile Wallpaper

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  • This Marble Mural will give a bold personality and a touch of elegance to any wall at a fraction of the cost of real marble.

    Marble Mural

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  • The Soft Mineral Silver Wallpaper is a contemporary design with encased glitter in a silver colour tone to bring in a touch of artistic flair 

    Soft Mineral Silver

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