The Wallpaper Seam Roller works to finish seams on wallpaper joints. This seam roller has a plastic-shaft which guarantees perfect handling. 
Wallpaper Seam Roller



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Wallpaper Seam Roller


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To finish seams on wallpaper lengths you can use this seam roller, it has a plastic-shaft which guarantees perfect handling.

5 in stock

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To finish seams on wallpaper lengths you can use this wallpaper seam roller that is made of hard-wearing plastics. The 4,5 cm sized roll has a conical shape and the metal-bracket is coated by a plastic-shaft which guarantees a perfect handling.

The Wallpaper Seam Roller Features:

Colour: Red, Black
Style: Seam Roller
Material: Plastic, Metal
Size: About 4,5cm roller, 6mm bracket

How to use a Seam Roller:

The seam roller is an important tool when putting up wallpaper that is edge on edge or seam on seam. It comes in handy to make sure the edges are perfectly set and smooth on the wall and there are not any visible lines or joins once the wallpaper is dry. The roller neatly presses the edges of the wallpaper gently. This also helps to identify and rectify any slight displacements. The aim is not to end up with any joints or unsightly gaps and to prevent any visible overlaps. It will help with smoothing out any excess air close to the edges as long as the wallpaper paste is not yet fully dry. This will prevent air bubbles and the wallpaper from lifting.

  • Gently run the seam roller on the joints. The roll might come into contact with the wallpaper paste as it spills out at the edges, have a slightly damp cloth near to wipe the seam roller so as to not press the paste on the wallpaper.

Tools needed when hanging wallpaper:

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 5 cm


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