Q&A: Can you apply wallpaper to a textured wall?

You asked, we’ve answered! Stippled walls and scratched plaster were all-the-rage in the 70’s, but they might not be the look you’re after for your living space in 2021. The good news? It might still be an option to elevate your space with an elegant wallpaper. The question of whether wallpaper can be used over texture finished walls comes up often for Wallpaper Inn. Our answer? Certain wallpapers can be used over textured surfaces. These fall under the category of technical papers which are available on request. In reality, any paper could be applied to any surface, but the result is not always what we recommend.

When you paint a wall, preparing the surface is essential. The process is just as important when it comes to wallpaper. Skimming a wall with a crete stone or similar product is the best route to create a smooth surface on which to ground your wallpaper. Although the process sounds messy, it’s actually no more so than the regular preparation process for painting a wall. The majority of wallpaper hangers that we collaborate with are able to offer this service – it’s not that daunting!

If you currently have a smooth plastered wall and plan to do the installation yourself, here’s our guide to a smooth-sailing process:

1. Put a dust sheet down, an old sheet or a plastic drop sheet to protect your floor.

2. Fill any holes with an all-purpose filler and allow it to dry.

3. Run a scraper over the wall surface to scrape off any high spots.

4. Wipe the surface down with a light detergent like sunlight liquid or a sugar soap.

5. Wipe the surface down again with a cloth soaked in water.

6. Your wall is ready for the wallpaper application process to begin!

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