Now Trending: A Collection of Star Quality Wallpapers

Some wallpapers simply can’t be limited to just one category. They boldly embrace texture and bravely approach prints. That’s why we have curated a collection of unique wallpapers, found on our website’s Trending Now section.

These are a different breed, unafraid to stand out if it means taking a room to the next level. There’s simply no way to group these together, each with a star quality of their own, so we thought we’d introduce you to a few of our favourites.

Pandora Drama

While we are firm believers in keeping your life drama-free, we’re all for bringing an element of the theatric to your walls. With this level of depth and colour, it’s hard to believe she’s only 2D! We may have stumbled on the boldest possible way to bring the outdoors in this winter. 

Distressed Metallic Grey

Oh, the irony! Looking at our Distressed Metallic Grey print leaves us feeling anything but distressed. This is a powerfully subtle hint of glam that will catch the winter light through the windows. A shade of metallic for the kind of person who never thought they’d opt for something shiny. We simply love this print’s subtle elegant approach! 

Aloha Tropical Wallpaper

This one’s for the summer lovers. Bring the heat of the summer sun to your walls, all year around. Our Aloha Tropical Wallpaper is certainly not afraid to make a statement! It’s a celebration of individuality, with the brightest and best members of the floral kingdom taking the lead.

Modern Wood Panel, in Dove

Who would’ve thought it possible to bring the depth of real wood panelling into your living space, by simply applying paper to your walls? Finally, a fuss-free way to bring warmth and character to your home. At a fraction of the price, you can achieve the look and feel of clean, chic wood panelling in the colour of your choice. 

Baker Street

Baker Street is the bearer of brilliant news! It’s industrial cool, made easy. The careful attention to detail on this print makes it possible to make your chic interior dreams a reality. You don’t have to find an apartment with the exposed brick walls of your dreams, now that you can apply this gorgeous member of our wallpaper family to your walls.

With texture, colour and prints as varied as South Africa’s homes, it’s hard to believe that wallpaper has any limits at all! Each member of our Trending Now collection has something incredibly unique to bring to your living space, but which one feels like an immediate yes from you? That’s the answer we’re looking for. You’ve got to look at it everyday, after all! Walls talk, make sure you like what yours are saying. 

NB: Our Trending Now collection is best hung by professional installers. Contact us for a recommendation from our database, just for you

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